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    When you’re in need of roof repair, replacement or installation of a new roof, it’s important to choose the right people to do the job. Your roof is what protects your family, your furniture and all your belongings and even minor roof issues can turn into major problems if left unrepaired.
    You need professional roofing contractors who can deliver great results, while controling the cost, quality and timing.
    Trust us and we’ll get your job done quickly, effectively and affordably.

    Roofing Services

    We provide provide professional, fast and affordable roofing installation and repair services using only top-quality materials

    Commercial Roofing Services

    We’re able to provide roofing installation and repair services for all types of commercial projects, no matter what size

    You should not allow water to damage your property from a leaking roofing. East Grinstead roofing experts can help you book for same day roof repairs. Fast response times 7 days a week.

    There is an old saying that roofs should be repaired when it is sunny. However, whatever the weather may do, you must repair your roof immediately.

    No surprise roofs have to deal with strong winds, heavy rains and falling trees.

    Loss of tiles and shingles due to high winds: Individual tiles may become detached. It does not matter whether they are slightly shifted, leaving a small gap or falling off completely, this can cause water penetration through your roof into your loft or attic.

    No flashing or loose flashing. The flashing seals at the point where dormer windows and chimneys join the roof. But if it is damaged or lost, water can get in.

    An unstable roof could mean that the whole roof needs to be replaced.

    Sometimes, a leaky roof tile or missing tile can cause water damage. A roofing contractor can repair a couple of slate, cement or clay tiles. It takes only hours and is usually done in less than an hour. It is possible to fix a tiled roof and prevent potential roof leakages from happening due to sagging tiles. Roof felt will need to be replaced under the tiles. This cost is included in total tiled roof roofing repair costs.

    For flat roof repairs, simple patches on flat roofs like those found in garages or extensions may cost as much as several hundred pounds. It is possible to have the roof replaced entirely due to flat roofing repair costs.

    Your roof is protected from the elements, like brickwork and skylights. Lead flashing can be used to protect your edge. The flashing can become damaged and cause rain to enter your property. Damaged flashing costs the same as missing tiles. To replace an eagle-length of flashing, it will need to be fixed.

    Roofers typically charge according the type and complexity of the work, as opposed to how long it takes. Check out our roofing prices page for more information.

    East Grinstead. Haywards Heath. Crawley. Horley. Forrest row. Lingfield. Lindfield. Oxted. Tonbridge. Tunbridge Wells.

    Every one of our roofers has many years experience. You can call them 24 hours a days, 365 day a year to fix any roof problem anywhere within Sussex. Also, we cover Kent and parts of Surrey.

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